Osteopathy treats the source of the problem while seeing the body in its entirety, improving the functioning of the spine, organs and nervous system.



Why not, a good combination to relax and treat your aches


Wissam is an Osteopath Therapist graduated from Centre Ostéopathique du Quebec.

Wissam cumulates more than 15 years of experience in physiotherapy which led him to osteopathy as a mean to further his knowledge of the human body.

Wissam can help you relieve specific issues in osteopathy but he also offers an osteopathy + massage therapy in the same session which is quite unique and beneficial. Wissam is a member of Osteopathy Quebec

Wissam Wehbe

Wissam +1 (438) 939 4227 

We offer services in osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage therapy  All our professionals are members of their respective association and they maintain and update their knowledge through courses and professional development workshop.

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